Generations of Blockchain What Does Decentralization

Generations of Blockchain What Does Decentralization

Trading with Rare Artifacts (NFT)

Relictum PRO’s NFT Marketplace is a single platform for artists, collectors, fans, art connoisseurs, patrons, museums, and other individuals and organizations looking for rare and valuable NFT tokens. Here users can create a token, save it right there in the storage, then organize an auction, find a buyer, complete a purchase/sale transaction with automatic copyright transfer under a smart contract, and at the same time with a minimum commission of 0%. In short, a very convenient all-in-one system.

Trade with goods and raw materials

The Real Asset Company is a platform for trading precious metals (gold and silver), which, thanks to the use of smart contracts, allows you to buy and sell metals in a completely safe manner (for all parties to the transaction) and quickly. The physical transfer of goods is ensured by an international network of storage and logistical flows. The local currency (token) is fully backed by gold and this gives the best possible level of protection and transparency for trading operations. The company’s management is confident that such binding of gold to digital currency will return the metal back to the financial systems of countries.

Data management

Factom is another promising blockchain that offers data management solutions. Thus, their identification systems have been successfully used to manage databases and analyze large amounts of information for a variety of clients, including companies and government agencies, non-profit organizations, and individuals. Their product enables customers to manage their data as efficiently and securely as possible while complying with legal requirements in their jurisdiction. At the same time, distributed ledger allows users to store data and obtain the highest possible level of security, as well as reduce the cost of this process.

Data storage

Relictum Storage is a distributed data storage based on the Relictum ecosystem. Here, files are stored not on a single server, like in usual hosting systems, but on the devices of other users. The file is encrypted and split into parts, and in such a divided form it is stored in the nodes. Access to it can only be obtained with a special key so that users receive the highest possible protection against hacks and leaks, and besides, access to the storage is almost impossible to restrict. Another nice bonus is that the cost of data storage is about 90% lower than the market average for the same volume.