Month: December 2020

Playground Fun and Safety

Many accidents could be prevented by common sense, proper adult supervision and safety guarding equipment. Defective equipment, unacceptable surfaces, and careless behavior are safety hazards of many playgrounds. Most of these playground safety hazards could have been prevented with the proper supervision and appropriate safety precautions. We can make the playground a place of fun […]

Impossible, Improbable And Imaginary Geographies

Impossible, improbable or imaginary geographies, as things turned out, are both on planet, in planet, and off planet. Here are a few examples. TERRESTRIAL GEOGRAPHY Hollow Earth: We all know in this modern enlightened space age era that our home planet isn’t flat, which wasn’t always the case. You can’t really fault our ancestors for […]

Exit Splash Screens Improve Exit Traffic Conversions

Exit splash screens are vital in today’s highly competitive market.  The websites running an exit splash program to capture exit traffic from their website are thinking smart and staying ahead of the majority of their competition. Without an exit splash script installed on their website, they are effectively leaving money on the table for other […]

How to Play Online Judi: Enjoy the Game

If you are new to the concept of Judi, there is an abundance of information available on the internet on how to play online Judi. It is a sport that originated in the Asian continent and it involves a lot of physical activity. The fighting takes place using conventional throws and holds. You will find […]

The Competition Of Generic Drugs

Along Viagra, Cialis is one of the drugs that has become a victim of its own success in that the demand for it has been lessened by the horde of imitation and generic versions that have sprung up. It is a direct competitor to Viagra in that it was created to perform the same function […]

Painting Your Walls – How to Prepare Your Home For Painting

Home painting is always fun, challenging, and rewarding. It is my most relaxing activity in the summer when I am not working on a major project. When I am at home, painting is the only activity I feel like spending time on. Great! Home painting is always a good way to add personality, charm and […]

Situs Judi Online Deposit Pulsa Review

You might have already heard of the Situs Judi slot machine. This is a brand new slot machine from Microgaming, the same people who developed and produces Blackjack and Craps. The Situs Judi is similar to all other slot machines found in casinos, it spins the reels like you would on a regular slot machine. […]