Text message advertising may be new for you as a business owner or entrepreneur. And you may not have figured out yet how to let your customers or prospects know about your text message subscription list. But in this article you will learn seven valuable tips that will help you get all the subscribers you can to your text message list.

There are countless opportunities to inform your customer or fan base about your text message promotions. Here are seven effective tips on how you can market your text message short code.

1. Using restaurants as an example, a simple poster on your window or door with a time sensitive offer to promote a specific event or date would be an easy yet effective way to build your subscriber list. This approach works because it prompts people to take action immediately by texting your text ad keyword and your text ad short code.

For example, if Wednesday is typically a slower business day for your restaurant, then you could say in your ad campaign, Text Wednesday 031611 to receive a free drink, side dish or dessert which is a creative way to attract more people to your business and text message subscription list.

2. Another way to build your SMS database is to train your staff to tell people about any exclusive offers they will be getting if they join your text message list. Text message advertising allows you as a local business owner to text your subscriber list time sensitive coupons, plus combining coupons with other advertising media such as e-mail 문자사이트 marketing, video marketing, newspaper ads as well as TV and radio ads can feature your text message short code for brand exposure.

3. If you do trade shows, Chamber of Commerce events, business mixers, fundraisers, or have the ability to set up a booth or table at any high foot traffic opportunity then you can leverage that as a way to inform people of your text ad and short code.

4. Don’t forget to place your SMS short code on business cards, letterhead, flyers, postcards and anything else you can think of to get the word out about your exclusive text offers. Remember, you may have a main SMS short code that you prefer use most but you can also be testing and tracking other time sensitive SMS short codes too.

5. Partnering with other businesses that you consider affinity partners and cross promoting to each others SMS subscriber list can work. Before you do this, I suggest you make sure you inform potential subscribers that as a courtesy they may receive periodic offers from you regarding other businesses in your community that you trust and have partnered with.

6. The good thing about using your SMS short code is it also doubles as a tracking device to measure the effectiveness of any media you attach it to based upon sign up response rates. You’ll know quickly what text ads need to be tweaked or what ads won’t work.

7. And of course, text message marketing should be included with your Twitter and Facebook Fan Page accounts but the possibilities for text message advertising are only limited by your imagination because anywhere there are a lot of people passing through or congregating in your community is a prime location for customers and prospects to see your SMS short code. Text message advertising when done right gives them an excellent reason to join your list!

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