Tons of savings can be made on rental cars deals. Discounts can be as much as 30 percent on ordinary days and 50 percent on weekends and off-peak season. The percentage, of course, may vary from one rental company to the next. These people have just made renting cars a more convenient alternative to owning them. You don’t need to worry ever about maintenance, or even insurance costs

Some Automobile communities, like the Automobile Association of America, offer discount codes to their members. Besides, there are also some business establishments doing the same. If your are working for or affiliated with an organization, you can check on the web if you are entitled to avail of discounts from some of the biggest car rental companies. You can find a listing there of organizations which issue discount codes for rental cars deals to their members.

Besides discount codes, you also have discount coupons for rental cars deals issued by individual web sites or by companies. Car rental sites showcase these coupons on their home pages. Basically you get the same discount rates as for discount codes. One thing about coupons you should know is that there are many unreliable coupons out there. They won’t work. So it is better to avail of these coupons from the car rental site (you are sure they will work) rather than to look for them on the web. The same is true for tourist spot coupons, restaurant coupons and hotel coupons. To attract more people, some car rentals also issue these types of coupons. You are safer getting them from these people rather than on your own, from some site on the internet.

Before availing of a rental cars deal, make sure you know what the discount covers. The coverage may vary from one type of coupon to another. Read the terms and conditions for the use of the coupon on its back. You will also find the expiration date of the coupon there. Not all car rentals are eligible for coupon discounts, so when renting a car, make sure first that you have chosen a discountable car.

Coupon rentals are also usually unavailable on peak season or at times when there is a big gathering of people in the area where you are renting. Due to the high demand for rentals, some companies suspend rental cars deals. So another thing you should consider when renting cars is the time when you intend to rent and the location of the car rental.

Maintenance and trouble-shooting of rented cars is at the expense of the car rental company. Also the companies want to relieve their clients of technical problems and usually have their cars checked-up and conditioned before handing them over to the client. In addition you can get the car insured, usually for an added fee.

Nothing beats rental cars deals for occasions when you need to travel for a long time. Car rental companies take care of nearly everything for you, from supplying you with a road-worthy vehicle to trouble-shooting vehicle problems while you are on the road. They can even help you get discounts for restaurants of your choice and hotels where you want to book and even for the famous spots you want to visit.